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Harvard Ball

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The largest university-wide student event returns bigger than ever.
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On one incredible night, students and alumni from all Harvard schools will come together as one for one unforgettable event. The fourth annual Harvard Masquerade Ball is your passport to the largest, most unforgettable Harvard experience (three levels) located at the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Boston. Unexpected entertainment experiences and stunning performances will surround you as you enjoy delectable dessert delights and sumptuous chocolate cascades throughout the evening. The music will move you. The ambiance will thrill you. Harvard will be transformed again. After party to follow.

The Harvard Graduate Council and students from all Harvard schools are leading the charge toward a more unified Harvard - be a part of this landmark event. We have student volunteers from every Harvard School working on this event!

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The Story Behind the Harvard Masquerade Ball

Spearheaded by the Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA), with the support of the Harvard Graduate Council (HGC), the Harvard Masquerade Ball was produced in the spirit of President Drew Faust's vision of "one university." With this idea in mind, students from HESA and HGC were inspired to develop a truly Harvard-wide event, bringing together students and alumni from all 13 Schools for one amazing night. Thus, the Harvard Masquerade Ball was born.

Harvard Masquerade Ball Committee members - represented by students from every Harvard school - hope that the Ball will be the start of a new trend at the University. Our goal is two-fold: we hope to not only produce a memorable event experience, but also provide an environment conducive for cross-school dialogue--increased collaboration and idea exchange will only benefit our already amazing Harvard community. Through University-wide events like the Masquerade Ball, we hope to foster relationship-building opportunities between our 13 Schools, making for a stronger, more unified Harvard.

Now in its fourth year, the Harvard Masquerade Ball continues to bring the "one university" vision to fruition. We are thrilled that you want to be a part of this historic movement.